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Total Tenancy

We are a Trusted Partner with Total Tenancy, a reliable source of information to provide the most up to date resources, adapting to the RTA Amendment Act. By having a good relationship with Total Tenancy, it means we are able to maintain a continued access to the correct best practice protocols, templates, notices, and other resources from Total Tenancy, to then provide you with the best advice and service possible.

Other Total Tenancy Services Include

Tenant check
Background checking
Centrix Credit Checking
Equifax Credit Checking
eBundle Pro
BDM Tools
MBIE Audit Support
Reduced Multi Bureau Costs
Free Direct-me Listing

The team of consultants at Total Tenancy are trained in all legal and legislation aspects regarding: RTA Amendment Act 2020, Human Rights Act, Healthy Homes Standards & Compliance Guidelines, Privacy Act and the TPS Portal.

You can check out their website here; or request more information by filling in the form below.

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