What are the costs?

  • Rental Appraisal and Market Overview: FREE
  • Initial inspection and chattels report: FREE
  • Professional photography of your property: FREE*
  • Exit/Bond Inspection: FREE
  • Disbursement Fee: This fee is charged for any regular payments made on an outgoing property
  • eg: Rates, Body Corporate Levies. $5.00 per transaction.
  • Periodic Inspections: These are carried out quarterly. A written report with photos will be provided. $50.00 + gst
  • Credit checks, advertising (7 websites), viewings, etc: $550 + gst
  • Management Fees: These are charged on all funds collected and all maintenance and repairs carried out.
  • 8.0% (unfurnished)
  • 9.0% (furnished)

Did you know that all management fees and expenses are tax deductible?

We make this as easy as possible by providing detailed end of year account statements.

What’s includedBronzeSilverGold
Rental Appraisal
Initial Inspection
Professional Photos
Exit/Bond Inspection
Disbursement Fee
Rates, Body Corporate Levies
Tenant Credit Check
Management Fees