What value does a Property Manager provide

Property Management for Landlords

With over 250,000 rental properties internationally, Ray White Property Management delivers both efficiency and business benefits to landlords and business owners. Through innovative proprietary technology, systems and procedures, Ray White Property Management adds value over and above the traditional functions of property management to maximize the return on investment properties.

We understand your property is a significant asset and that your chief objective is to maximize the return on your most valued investment. Ray White Property Management has invested in the best technology, systems and procedures to add value over and above the traditional functions of property management.

  • Your property management team is here to help you
  • Understand how changes in the market will impact your investment
  • Understand the investment strategies available to you
  • Understand how to improve the yield from your property, and
  • Feel confident as an investor in real estate.

Our focus is on ensuring that our landlords receive the optimum benefits from their investment portfolio through our attention to their property needs.   

As the largest property management portfolio in New Zealand, we are proud to have many happy investors confirming we’re doing it right.

We see it often, landlords intending to save money by managing their property themselves or selecting their property manager on the lowest price, not highest service level.    

Are you aware of the potential risks to your property, income and sanity by not having the expert knowledge that will protect you? This is what concerns us at Ray White Property Management, landlords falling into the traps and legal pitfalls that repeatedly prove time consuming, stressful and financially expensive.    

Property Management could also be called Risk Management. With Amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act in October 2010 there are onerous requirements on landlords and harsh penalties for not complying with these laws. It is our role to make sure the best business practices and services are received by both landlords and tenants. They appreciate that this level of service and attention to detail makes for successful relationships.

  • Are you familiar with the latest requirements of the Residential Tenancies Act and the potential financial penalties of up to $50,000 incurred by landlords relating to failure to meet these requirements with regards to inspections, access, notice, repairs and maintenance?
  • Are you familiar with the latest fluctuating market rental rates and how to achieve a premium rent for your property?
  • Do you have contracts with trusted tradespeople who provide quality services at the best possible rates?
  • Do you receive any discounts on advertising rates in multiple forums when your property is becoming vacant?
  • Do you have the time to check rent payments for your property daily, address maintenance, have keys cut, provide new swipe cards, and attend viewings after hours?
  • Do you receive the benefits that the latest technology provides daily to effectively track rent payments, monitor arrears, plan inspections and control repairs and maintenance?
  • Do you have access to thorough credit check facilities? Initial tenant selection is crucial!
  • Do you attend training or conferences regularly to keep up to date with expert industry knowledge?

If you have answered no to one or more of these questions, give us a call so we are able to make this process smooth and simple!

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